Cashmere Shawl 100% Cashmere


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A beautiful cashmere scarf, made of very dense, thicker, but also delicate and warm, soft fabric. Scarves are made of identical, dense and fleshy material on both sides.

Scarves are in beautiful colors.

Very delicate and soft to the touch.

Our scarves, scarfs and shawls are mostly available only in individual, unique copies.

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Długość 198cm
Szerokość 67cm
Skład 100% Cashmere
Kolor Dark Beige / Light Brown / Sand / Caramel (lighter shade / shade #2) - photos with flash

Our scarves are woven of delicate but fleshy cashmere fibers. Thanks to the density, the shawl simply overflows with your hands, as seen in the pictures. The colors of the shawl are beautiful and very deep.

Suspended on the shoulders, it will perfectly blend in with any outfit. On the other hand, the neck will revive and add charm to any outfit - a suit, a sweater or even an everyday jacket.

It is a perfect and always a good gift for every woman :)

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